Semisolid Die Casting

Prototype & Production Capabilities

Semi-sold casting using a high-viscosity feed that is half liquid and half solid. There are many advantages to semi-solid die casting. These benefits include but are not limited to lighter parts, tighter tolerances, greater pressure tightness, excellent overall mechanical performance, reduced shrinkage, thinner walls and the ability to be heat treatable. This process allows us to produce complex parts that are porosity free. The production capabilities are truly endless.

Semi-solid Die Casting

Thixocasting / Thixoforming

The thixoforming process is similar to die casting but uses lower temperatures. This chemical process makes for semi-solid, lightweight materials, allowing for a more flexible design. Thixocasting specifically produces excellent mechanical properties and very formable components, especially for the automotive industry. Thixocasting also creates parts with higher quality due to globular microstructure and better moldflow.

Thixocasting / Thixoforming

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