Injection Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing

We make quality mold tooling for the injection molding industry. Our molds are guaranteed to hold up through the lifetime of your project — big or small. We pride ourselves on the durability and longevity of our quality molds. Our tooling is able to withstand higher production cycles and have the ability to handle all of our customers' material needs, and part design can be as complex as necessary. Allow us to provide you with the injection mold tooling you need to carry out your production process.

Hot Runner Assembly

Our hot runner systems inject plastic into the cavities of the mold during our injection molding process. There are many advantages to this process such as shorter cycle time. It’s also easier to start. Without the need to remove runners the auto cycle occurs faster and more frequently. There’s a ton of design flexibility when it comes to utilizing our hot runner assembly. We’re also able to balance the melt flow more easily, allowing for fewer under-filled parts and sink marks.

hot runner system

Heat Management

Our state-of-the-art technologies and processes allow for ease of use with complicated industrial systems. Our machines easily maintain the plastic material within them which allows the mold to heat uniformly and cool quickly. This allows our experts to create the most consistent parts and prototypes available. Proper heat management and temperate control also allows for minimal errors and reduces waste and cycle time.

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We're able to perfect mold structure design by means of computer-aided engineering (CAE). This software is often used for problem-solving during the design process and helps to determine the required process parameters with the help of computer simulation. Our experts are able to determine The feasibility of your design by using this industry-leading software. This strong structural analysis is critical to successfully producing a quality part.

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Black Box Injection Mold Builder

This is the process for determining gate locations for injection molds. This allows us to optimize production while achieving efficient mold times, save on overall costs and design complex geometries. The gate should be placed in the deepest cross-section to provide the best flow and minimize sinking or void issues. The importance of gate design and size cannot be understated when it comes to manufacturing injection molds.

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